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GoGuide is a set of simple, yet powerful tools designed to help anyone take action on an idea that matters and create a plan to make it real — so they can make a living, and make a difference!

GoGuide’s online, subscription-based program enables every user to build their own unique action plan
and create a clear
path to:

  • Creating a career inspired by values and passions
  • Making a good living doing meaningful work
  • Leveraging individual education and strengths
  • Delivering a motivational and insightful experience
GoGuide dashboard

GoGuide's easy-to-use interface keeps users on-track, motivated, and supported throughout the process.

GoGuide Plan

Through the GoGuide process, every user creates a detailed project plan to make their best ideas real.

How do we do it?

The core of GoGuide is an innovative, five-phase process — drawn from the worlds of entrepreneurship, project management and creative design — packaged in an easy to use, always accessible, and highly portable online application:

Get Ready:

Explore ideas worth doing, define one to pursue, and identify people who can support you

Find the Fit:

Look at the context of your idea to make sure it fits the people it’s intended to help

Test & Refine:

Shows you how to use a prototype to make your idea even better

Get Set:

Take your refined idea and build a plan to put it into action


Spread the word about your idea, get people involved, and get moving

Throughout this process, users are shown how to draw upon their own personal interests, values, passions, talents, skills and education to achieve their goals, make their ideas real, and create something they will find not only financially beneficial, but personally rewarding.

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We've made it easy!

GoGuide’s activities are intuitive and accessible. We’ve made the process simple, so everyone can achieve their goals.

  • Watch short animated courses
  • Do activities in each phase
  • Enter ideas and information
  • Track progress


And, we've made it fun!

GoGuide’s process is enhanced and supported by a curriculum of short, animated video courses, designed to keep users motivated, inspired and on the right track!

  • How to Use GoGuide
  • Keeping Yourself Moving
  • Finding Something Worth Doing
  • People to Support You
  • Where Your Idea Fits in the World Around You
  • How to Use Feedback
  • Testing and Refining with a Prototype
  • How to Use a Prototype Assessment
  • Get Set with a Plan
  • Launching Your Idea
  • Spread Your Idea and Deliver Your Value